Developer Update #14 Opening Cutscene Dev Part 2

We now have rendered version of the workshop to show off. It took the artist a while to get the mood right with lighting and shading but we’re happy with it now. The next challenge though is getting it to look as good in Unity.


We also need to flesh out the design of the cut scene more, working out animation times, walking locations and the dialogue of the mage. Speaking of the mage, it is currently being developed and here is an early design sent through.


Music has been a big part of development this week, we’ve had seven tracks developed and will be working out the opening music and menu theme soon enough. I think it’s better to have the cut scene made and then sent to the composer to develop the theme than the other way around.


Here’s our to do list for the next stage;

  1.  Import scene into Unity
  2. Add appropriate lights to get as close to the pre-rendered look as possible (this will be difficult)
  3. Put in place holder character to run basic cut scene.
  4. Have music create to help set the mood of the scene.
  5. Put in correct mage character and polish scene.

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