Developer Update #15 1st Playable Demo!

The demo will allow you to go from the main menu through to the 4th Limbo area. This area has only just started so once there you can’t really do anything.

The game will launch in a Unity web player here


There’s still plenty of things on our to do list before this is ready but we thought we would release an early demo just to find out what the community think of it all so far. The demo should probably last around 10 minutes.


There are a few things in particular we are looking for comments on.

  • Is the game fun?
  • Do you like the music/sounds?
  • Do you like the art style/graphics?
  • Is it clear what you need to do as you play?
  • Are the controls easy enough to use?

We have had a new graphic designer join the team and he is working through changing all of the interface. Some of the new stuff is in and other sections use the old stuff. We hope to have it all converted in the new release.


Here are a few things that are on our to do list as suggested by the team and others who have tested. We always take on board suggestions from the community so please share your thoughts!

Allow the player to move around while on the moving platform (island 3).
The objective window overlaps the inventory window.
Some objects on floating islands don’t move with the island.
Implement the battle music/music transitions.
Alter some of the tutorial dialogues.
Add more animations to the main character for combat and events.
Finish the opening cutscene.

Most importantly please let us know if you find IronLight fun to play!

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